Can you make it through the maze with all its repeating patterns?

Controlls : 

A&D for moving

Space to jump

S to descend

E to interact

Credits : 

Music by Joshua Mclean :



Download 27 MB


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It seems promising so far, but I can't get the balls lined up for the part pictured below.

Did you try getting as many balls as there are holes? ;)

Nope, I didn't XD.

I passed blue/red falling (I guess you just have to fall in any way four times to make the doors open)

What to do at the 4-color intersection?

You're not supposed to fall altought i think everyone did so. In the room before there is a color code in the cealing that you were supposed to follow. Thanks for playing!

7 widely spaced colors at the top?

I tried to follow (before writing the original comment). It's not exactly clear how to follow them because some color (I don' t remember which one) leads you left (=back) towards falling

Best submission for this game jam i played wow