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This is so fun

Sticky Slimes is a puzzle game where you can combine slimes together to complete all 22 levels

Really nice game. 

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is great and interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics are easy to get into but at the same time they can offer a good challenge with some of the puzzles you've designed.

-The visual style really fits the theme of the game and makes it easier to focus on the gameplay experience, making the game feel solid ^^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks a bunch for all the feedback. And its always fun to watch a video! Ill make sure to subscribe!

Thanks ^^, you are welcome :D

really enjoyed this brain-exercize of a small adventure, the game is well done and the progression always kept me on my toes! great work!
also,  silly letsplay for anyone interested xD

I Love this game! But How to close it?

alt + f4

ok thanks


Sticky Slimes (Full Game)


WOOOWWW!!! great puzzle game love it!!!!!!!     

great game! love it!



it wont load for me on crhome browser damnnnnn itt it looks so damn fun

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This just happened to me too. I tried to load the game but it would load the progress bar was there but it wasn't going anywhere. Just now as I'm writing this this popped up.

The top part:The bottom part:

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Never mind I reloaded the page and now it works.

thx it still helped to know something works

Great game! Amazing level design.

Great Game I can't believe you made this in a week!

Wow, it's a really good game, you can be proud of it !

So I was moving around wile making more of me connected to my self (me refers to the green guys) when this happened...

Yeah its a really wierd glitch, will get right on it once the voting period is over!

Found another one:

Woah, thats even wierder! Another bug to fix! Thanks by the way for reporting these, might have never found them otherwise!

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1 more thing. (probably) This has screwed me up multiple times soo might wanna fix that too.

very good game i love it but the bugs make me not able to finish the game :(

i love the game

Very cool game and fits the theme!

very neat

Awesome! Great and very fun!

Thanks for playing! Always awesome to see a video too!

lol i really enjoined it, nice work


WOW, this game is so well polished and the puzzles are so much fun to solve! love the sound effects aswell

Thank you!



Awesome game !!! Loved it!!!

Thank you!

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very nice puzzle game, great minimalist idea; scrached my head pretty well on it; love the simple and efficiant art; gj

Thank you!

great puzzle game, really liked the art and music as well


Great puzzle game! Good job. An undo button would be apreciated

Thanks! An undo button was planned, ill definitely make sure to add one!

great game! I really loved!

Thank you!

Absolutely amazing. Good job!


Very nice and well thought levels. congrats

Thank you!

a truly amazing puzzler 


Thanks a lot!